American Infrastructure Group, Inc. Announces Engagement of Ramsey Financial Solutions

HOUSTON, March 09, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–American Infrastructure Group, Inc. (“AIGI”) is pleased to announce the engagement of Ramsey Financial Solutions (“RFS”) (, an affiliate of Ramsey Financial Group, a Texas based single-family office, to provide bridge capital of $200,000 to subsequently launch and lead a Tier 2 Regulation A+ (Reg A+) Offering of up to $20,000,000. The offering will support the expansion of the InfraSix, LLC (“InfraSix”) technology and mergers & acquisitions (“M&A”) plans across the infrastructure technology, services and supply chain markets of the critical and civil infrastructure sector.

American Infrastructure Group, Inc. is planning a going public transaction as part of its evergreen capital structure and expected mergers & acquisitions. Its flagship acquisition is InfraSix, an infrastructure focused on deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, AIGI has entered into an agreement with Patriot Drone Operator, LLC, a Texas based commercial drone business and network. AIGI anticipates targeting new infrastructure acquisitions across multiple segments including but not limited to underground utilities, inspection, construction, supply chain, fabrication, drone services and additional technology opportunities.

Currently, AIGI is raising capital via the Form D previously filed with the SEC for up to $1,000,000 to expand InfraSix technology roll out and new acquisitions. The Reg D offering will be required to close ahead of the planned Tier 2 Reg A+ Offering of up to $20,000,000 which will be priced at a new valuation. AIGI is currently reaching out to family offices regarding co-investment opportunities in conjunction with new M&A ahead of the Reg A+ offering with plans for an initial public offering.

“This is a tremendous step forward in providing the needed capital to fuel our growth aspirations to become one of the nation’s leading service providers of the inspection and remediation of critical infrastructure,” stated Executive Chairman, Timothy Smith.

Co-Founder and CEO of Ramsey Financial Solutions, Sepand Moshiri, commented, “We view this exciting opportunity with AIGI as an important first step for their successful Reg A+ capital raise from both accredited and non-accredited investors, to expand their shareholder base while relieving its management burden, and craft a national brand building campaign and outreach strategy to better promote the expected growth demand for remedial infrastructure services.”

About American Infrastructure Group, Inc.

AIGI is a Texas-based, technology-company that 1) identifies and analyzes infrastructure structural integrity issues through proprietary technologies, 2) Recommends the appropriate action and 3) plans, implements and carries out the needed remedial action plan. AIGI’s set of services are designed with a focus on using drones, satellites and other data capture, to utilize our artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics for civil engineering, government and private industry clients. The company is developing and acquiring the capabilities to become an industry leader in identifying and renovating major national infrastructure issues. The company is expanding its existing business channels with civil engineering firms and government organizations to provide predictive analytics services, remedial action via complete problem analysis. AIGI is concentrating on critical infrastructure including bridges, dams, water, power, energy, and ports that require solutions for tomorrow

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About Ramsey Financial Solutions

Collaboration with Integrity and Intelligence
Ramsey Financial Services (RFS) is a consulting company providing expertise at every stage for clients (Issuers) seeking access to capital with Regulation A+ and CF offerings. As a full-service solution, RFS guides its Issuer clients with a team of proven industry focused professionals and partners. RFS management of the Reg A+ process affords its clients the opportunity to engage nationwide customers and to build large-scale publicity and brand awareness. RFS exists to help entrepreneurs and their companies manage the burden of start-up costs and technical aspects of their Reg A+ and Reg CF offerings so that they can get back to what matters most: growing their business. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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